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The “Little Circle” is very much committed to doing the best for our children with love and passion. At the same time, we have every right to know about them irrespective of their ability. Being an inclusive educational institute, we need to have equal opportunities for all learners, besides their age, impairment, attainment, or background. Therefore, parents must provide clear and transparent information to support in applying for a place at Little circle. To ensure the safety of children in case of emergency. We require the following for our records

Passport copies of the student and sponsor along with a valid UAE residence visa

Copies of Emirates ID both student and sponsor

Declaration and parent consent form

Medical Reports if any

Two clear recent Passport size photos with white background

Working phone number for emergency

Child Protection

At “Little Circle”, we are committed to providing proper support and care to all our children. We assure to treat all our children with love, respect, and understanding. We believe in the philosophy that Children have alike emotions as adults and are very much real and need to be understood from time to time. Generally, a reaction be it positive or negative given to a child from an adult in the early stages of emotional development can prove to be positive or detrimental depending on the adult’s behavior. Children, are very smart to predict the outcome of every situation and evade them and ask for help. Therefore, it’s important to set procedures that will protect the child. When it comes to us, we assure to act in the best interest of each child enrolled with us. We also ensure that all our staff, including children, families, and visitors are made aware of child protection law and refrain from acts such as harm & abuse through proper write-ups and informative visuals

Our Environment

At Little Circle Nursery, the environment strives to be safe, secure and stimulating.

Our nursery is divided into age-appropriate zones that are suitable for various activities. We have specially designed a nursery with state-of-the-art facilities like a large play area space indoor gym, indoor play area, clinic, baby sleeping room with a messy play area with different outdoor play area

Our classrooms are very well equipped to ensure learning takes place in a positive learning environment. We also have themed zones for different activities like sensory play, role play, circle time, mini library, and more. Apart we have space for holistic activities like Art and music to inspire creativity. Projectors are installed for educational videos.

Moreover, we have kept a separate baby room with a separate sleeping room, situated in a far monitored corner of the premises. The baby room is monitored by a baby room coordinator who is a qualified nurse. All staff in the baby room are professional and qualified. We have a minimum child-staff ratio for individual attention and care. We maintain a proper record of routine check-ups (weight, height, immunization, etc.) through our contracted pediatrician. Also, the daily activities of babies are recorded and passed on to parents.


We strongly promote the policy of hygiene. Especially during Covid, we understood the value of keeping our environment clean and how cleanliness saves people from infections. We stress the concept of cleanliness of the canter as well as our children. For this purpose, additional staff is appointed to maintain a clean and positive environment along with assisting the children in the washroom. We ensure that center is disinfected daily along with frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing among children as well as staff to stop the spread of germs. For this purpose, we buy some decent products like floor disinfectants, alcoholic wipes, Water and hydrogen peroxide mixture, Hand sanitizers. Additionally, we also take care that any employees involved in preparing meals and snacks are certified in food handling.