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Frequently Asked Questions

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At LC, we follow the EYFS curriculum and adhere to the guidelines of the British regulatory body. The curriculum intends is to ensure that process of learning is skillful.

Yes of course! You are most welcome to meet us. Kindly make a prior booking before the visit.

At little Circle, we use the English language as a medium for the teaching and learning process.

We work on both modules’ daycare as well as kindergarten. We cater children from 2 years up to the age of 5 years.

Our hiring process is as per the requirements instructed by the Ministry of Education. It includes appropriate educational background, experience, and excellent command of the English language.

Yes. We have our own Special Educational Need coordinator (SENCO), who regularly attends and supports our children and attend their parents. It’s important to meet the expert to discuss improvements before registration is taken.

We strictly adhere to Little Circle health policy to prevent the spread of infection and to ensure the well-being of each child. In case of the following condition, the children should not be sent to school following Ministry and no exceptions to this will be made.
• Fever greater than 37.5 C / Rash (with or without fever)
• Diarrhea / Vomiting
• Breathing difficulties or persistent cough / Conjunctivitis or eye infection

No, we do not provide any food due to medical reasons

At Little circle, we always encourage healthy diets. We request parents to provide food that is healthy and easy to handle and eat.

Yes. We are tied up with recognized and experienced transport agencies who are very well aware of UAE traffic laws and regulations. We have professional drivers along with Bus Coordinator