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The Curriculum - “British National
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Little circle Nursery programs are designed for the age group 2 year to 5 years. All our programs are fully approved by KHDA. We offer to set the highest standard of care and education at the valuable fee structure.

At Little circle nursery, we follow the EYFS based curriculum. We believe that the early year foundation should be based on practical activities. Hence, we offer the best structured and unstructured play inside and outside the classroom. Our classes are small in size due to individualized attention.

The day of your child starts with activities that are safe to explore and according to their ideas and initiative. Our teachers are focused to develop their learning through observing their play, and asking them open-ended questions that support their thinking and developing process.

Age Group

We cater children from 2 years to 5 years.

Little circle Nursery accepts children from the age group 2 years – 5 years of age. Our classes are divided as per age group.

How our Nursery works

At Little Circle Nursery, we aim to provide a positive stimulating, imaginative and caring environment for children.

Once You enroll children into the nursery, parents will receive an EY (Early Years) group. This allows parents to know what is going on with their children. Parents will receive updates in the form of pictures or videos, so that can observe day to day activities of children during their day at Little Circle.

These observations are also linked to daily diaries with information regarding children like, how long they have slept, activities they have been part in, this will also inform about feeds/nappies, what foods they have eaten, etc.

The nursery is divided into 3 areas (8 rooms) rooms which are separated by age.

Preschool area – 2 years to 3 years

FS 1 area – 3 year to 4 years

FS 2 area – 4 years to 5 years

Preschool ( 2-3 years)

Little circle preschool programs are designed in a way to encourage teaching and learning process as well as outcomes that are important for nurturing children holistically, aesthetically, and morally with knowledge acquisition as well as academic skills. We focus on minimum child-staff ratio, for individual attention and care. We maintain the record of each day of every child and pass the information to parents.

Foundation stage 1 (3-4 years)

At the little circle, we ensure to keep the toddler active and busy to learn through play. For toddlers, we have spacious classrooms with themed zones. We encourage activities tabletop, circle time, Puzzles and puppets, blocks, and flashcards to engage their young minds.

Foundation stage 2 (4—5 years)

We emphasize on children to be active learners and develop skills that prepare them for proper school and understand the world. Here we develop social skills, confidence, self-help skills, and independence also the ability to listen attentively and respond to proper communication

About EYFS #Start your Day
at Little Circle

Little Circle follows the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) British curriculum. The framework of EYFS focuses on the 7-core areas of age-appropriate learning. Our holistic and well-established curriculum combines learning with fun along with various extra-curricular activities like music, Zumba, yoga, abacus, etc.

Our Teaching Pattern

Communication and Language

We work to stimulate child’s attention, listening understanding, and speaking skills. We develop this skill through one-to-one interaction, rhyme, and rhythm, recognize and say, messy play,  group play.


We work to develop the understanding of, shape, numbers, measure, and space. Our teachers teach them maths through different activities like cooking, sequencing activities, solving puzzles, rhymes and rhythms, group play, and following routines.

Personal, Social, and Emotional development

We understand the importance of personal, social, and emotional development in a child’s growth and development. We teach them the value of friendship, Integrity, respect, through group play


Literacy is the foundation of learning to read and write. We focus on developing literacy through games like mark-making, Storytime, letter of the week, and book of the month.

Understanding the World

We encourage our children to explore the world and its culture. For this, we organize activities like pretending play, computer play, scientific experiments, music, visiting the local community, and celebrating every festival.

Physical Development

For physical development, we organize gym time, games like jump and sit, walk and slide, overcome obstacles, mark-making, and self-care activities.

Expressive Arts & Design

We believe that art is the best form of expression. It helps in developing imagination we work on activities like role play, exploring colors, and creative activities.

Teacher – Parents Coordination

At Little circle, we understand that a child’s education starts at home. It’s understood that children will find it hard to remember what they have done during the day and this incomplete information will leave parents feeling completely out of touch with their learning experience. Therefore, we believe to share the learning journey of each day with their parents to have an effective education through document learning like Maintaining diaries, Daily timetables, Using technology to update (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and email, etc).


After school club, Zumba, Dance, abacus