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Our Philosophy

At the Little Circle, we acknowledge that all the members of our community, including children, parents, and teachers have the right to interact respectfully. Honesty, trust, and transparency will be our core ethics to develop positive relationships. There will be a notion of compassion to enabling words that will reflect empathy and transformation. All of these values will work together, and provide a rich environment for nurturing relationships and friendships, and that will become our foundation of quality early childhood education center.

Aims and Objectives

Welcome to Little circle club, this welcome kit is provided to help you and your child to settle down at Little Circle Nursery. We understand the difficulty parents face when they decide to drop their children in school. We ensure to support you as much as possible to make this a positive experience for you and your family. We hope you find this kit beneficial.

To provide a safe, caring, stimulating, and positive environment. We nurture children according to their personalities. We support them to reach their full potential by recognizing their unique starting point.

To promote values of diversity and equality; we oppose any discrimination based on race, ability, ethnicity, sex, or religion.

To work in a stimulating partnership with parents as well as professional bodies.

To provide equal opportunities to all the children to be active learners through discovery, enjoyment, awe, and wonder, through free play through the EYFS framework.

To share the right information and advice to parents, by welcoming them into the nursery at any time – whether for formal or informal discussions with confidentiality

To provide well-planned programs for learning and development maintaining the welfare of the child.

To start child’s day with combined activities that include imaginative, creative, physical, and intellectual play. These activities are balanced with both indoors and

To offer monthly training to staff to ensure their personal/professional development

Our Vision

To empower and maintain a safe, strong, supportive, and positive learning environment for all our children.

Our Mission

To empower and maintain a safe, strong, supportive, and positive learning environment for all our children.