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Baby care & kindergarden school

Together We'll Explore New Things

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Little Circle Nursery


Our Philosophy

At the Little Circle, we acknowledge that all the members of our community, including children, parents, and teachers have the right to interact respectfully. Honesty, trust, and transparency will be our core ethics to develop positive relationships. There will be a notion of compassion to enabling words that will reflect empathy and transformation. All of these values will work together, and provide a rich environment for nurturing relationships and friendships, and that will become our foundation of quality early childhood education center. Our staff, parents, and community will be working on our Mission (Rights, Respect, Responsibility, Trust, and Compassion) to provide quality direction to our center. The draft version will give a good indication of what we stand for and our goals for the future. The Mission Statement will remain as a point of focus for operations, teaching philosophy, and future direction. We also welcome ongoing participation and ownership of the Mission Statement as it develops our overall quality. We are committed to maintaining the high standards of learning at our center. The staff of “Little Circle” will undergo constant training, which will also include attending national/international conferences. We will prove to be a vibrant learning community with high-quality education and care. Kindergarten will nurture cultural values. We focus on children to be active, competent, and confident learners at their own learning pace. We will foster children’s love for learning expanding their knowledge and skills through play.

How our Nursery works

At Little Circle Nursery, we aim to provide a positive stimulating, imaginative and caring environment for children. Once You enroll children into the nursery, parents will receive an EY (Early Years) group. This allows parents to know what is going on with their children. Parents will receive updates in the form of pictures or videos, so that can observe day to day activities of children during their day at Little Circle.


Little circle preschool programs are designed in a way to encourage teaching and learning process as well as outcomes that are important for nurturing children

Age: 2 years to 3 years

Foundation stage 1

At the little circle, we ensure to keep the toddler active and busy to learn through play. For toddlers, we have spacious classrooms with themed zones.

Age: 3 years to 4 years

Foundation stage 2

We emphasize on children to be active learners and develop skills that prepare them for proper school and understand the world. Here we develop social

Age: 4 year to 5 year

Our Teaching Pattern

Communication and Language

Understanding the World

Play Areas

Physical Development